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We believe that the only way to grow is through an open mind.


But how do we manage to get into such a state? We get there from a place of silence. Maison Passeben is founded on the warm memories of the eponymous family estate in the South of France. With its slow pace and abundant nature, it is where we restore our true essence. Inclusive and sustainable, it is a place of great inspirational well being.


One could almost call it magic.

The backdrop to all my endless summers
My very own lifestyle brand. We stand for slow living, appreciating what is already there. For MP I create a 100% natural oil perfume, inspired by the garden of the eponymous family house in the South of France. This project is still taking shape, I desire it to be a place one could visite to learn and be inspired, perhaps even be a little bit transformed.

PATCHOULI - Pogostemon cablin

Reminiscent of the original hippie days, in 1970 Passeben was bought by my grandfather. When the Côte Atlantique had all the seventies surf fair we still dream of today. Patchouli sets the mood, being the cheeky aphrodisiac it is. But, it also helps reduce stress, anxiety and makes you sleep like a rosy rose after a long beach-day. Extra fun benefit: it’s a natural mosquito repellent!

ORANGE BLOSSOM - Citrus aurantium

Before the summer abundance arrives, springtime comes, naturally. With all its blossoming fruit trees and bright green freshness. Orange blossom has a zest for life making it a fabulous antidepressant, helps calm your poor nerves and acts like a seductive aphrodisiac. It also rejuvenates the complexion and improves your skin all together. Ain’t that promising?

ALMOND OIL - Prunus dulcis

Almond oil soothes dry skin and improves the skin tone and complexion. What a winner. It’s antibacterial and full of vitamin A and E, which both love to help with blemishes, sun damage, reduce the signs of aging, and fade scars. Hair digs it too as it softens and strengthens it simultaneously because of the Vitamin B-7, or biotin. And last but certainly not least, it helps protect your hair from sun damage due to its natural SPF 5. Marvellous.

VETIVER - Chrysopogon zizanioides

Every year we would arrive, early summer, in a beautifully overgrown garden with meter-long grass. Many mowing hours and some help from our neighbour’s tracteur, we would slowly make for even ground again. This is where vetiver comes in. Earthy and grassy it improves your, yes, brain function. This means better focus and peace of mind. As it helps your inhalation during the night it also aids those who snore a little (or a lot) sometimes. Most bugs dislike it, so if you also dislike them it’s a win-win.

mint bergamot - Mentha citrata

The garden would always be overflowing with these little minty plants. Like any other strong-minded weed they did their own thing, even if we liked it or not. I loved it. This fresh hint of mint clears the lungs and lifts the spirits! Excellent for emotional wellbeing. Making you feel happy, energized and inspired.

Honeysuckle - Lonicera japonica

All along the orchard, next to the big house, the hedge would be fully overgrown by  white-and-yellow honeysuckle vines. At day’s end, the warm wind would carry the sweet, almost sultry scent in waves of deliciousness. Honeysuckle is an antioxidant, multi-talented champion, used to treat inflammatory conditions, split ends, hair loss, skin irritation, wrinkles, headaches, pain, anxiety, stress or depression. A powerful little flower indeed.

Juniper berries - Juniperus communis

A berry that isn’t actually a berry gives us this fresh, almost spicy, element. With its natural antibacterial and -sceptic abilities it’s great to use on any kind of skin irritation to help it heal. It can relieve bloating whilst, simultaneously, boosting digestion. The smell offers mental support (and don’t we all need some of that from time to time) and helps reduce physical and emotional signs of stress. We are talking ultra zen-mode, both day and night.

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