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Next to her artistic practice,

Laura Hersée is the founder/creative director at Hersée Agency.


Looking for a unique brand identity? Hersée Agency is specialized in brand development and - identity. We will find your brand's essence, purpose and distinct style.
Please take a look at our portfolio and let’s talk!



The Future of Food group exhibition (2013, Fort)

Various works solo exhibition  (2015, Mixed UpAmsterdam)

Gods & Myths solo exhibition (2019, Struik Amsterdam) 

An artistic search for Grounding solo exhibition (2021, Herengracht Amsterdam)

Statue Garden group exhibition  (2022, G.L.A.S.S Los Angeles)

Mosaic Memories solo exhibition (2023, murmur Amsterdam)


The View Concepts Interview (2015)

ELLE Favorites page (2016)

301 Podcast in conversation about "Grounding" (2021)

TEN Women empowerment campaign (2023)

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