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The Water Portraits are a very fun and dynamic way to look within. They started as I developed a sense resembling aura reading. I discovered that, when I would tune into the person in front of me and close my eyes, I would see an image of water flowing. Different colours, different ways but always flowing. As water symbolizes emotions, I was curious to see if they indeed were reflective of a persons inner world. Turns out, they were!


A sessions goes as followed: you sit in front of me and you close your eyes. I have a 30x40 canvas in front of me and work with a wet-in-wet acrylic technique. I look at you, take in your energy and an image shows itself in my minds eye. I paint this  abstract water image, while you pose with your energy. After this, I turn around the painting and we discuss all the we see in the water. Beautiful stories, insights and synchronicities have come up through these sessions. It’s a wonderful token of a moment in time. The portrait, of course, is yours to take home.  

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