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Laura Romée Hersée (b.1990) is a Dutch/English artist, creative director and designer. Laura’s philosophy is shaped by her love of the natural world and the humans that live in it, with all their symbols and ways

of being.


Her work is playful yet sensual and it's often inspired by ancient mythology, anthropology and a deep desire to capture the emotion of a moment

in time. 


Laura was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where she still lives and works today.

Drawing, Illustration, Painting, Creative Direction,
Design, Branding, Experience- and Game Design. 

The Future of Food 20

Mixed Up exhibition (2015, Amsterdam) First show

Struik exhibition (2019, Amsterdam) a variety of works inspired by the gods and stories of ancient Greek mythology.

Solo exhibition (2021, Amsterdam) “An artistic search for Grounding”.

Group exhibition (2022, Los Angeles) “Statue Garden” represented by G.L.A.S.S.


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